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A problem focused exam with X-ray!

A comprehensive exam includes a cleaning, a consult with a dentist, and a full mouth series of x-rays. 

This examination will give you an overview of your dental situation and allow the dentist to make recommendations on your treatment needs.  You will have a chance to ask questions about any areas which have been bothering you and the dentist will help you decide how to proceed with procedures that will allow you to keep smiling and using your teeth for a lifetime.

A children's comprehensive exam includes cleaning, a consultation with the dentist, and a bite-wing series of x-rays. 

It is recommended to start bringing you child to the dentist when they are 4 years old.  The primary teeth are important to keep healthy so the permanent teeth will be healthy too.  A cleaning appointment allows our staff to teach your child good tooth cleaning habits.

For families with 2 children or more we have a discount family plan which reduces the cost of checkups, as well as gives you 15% off most treatment.

At Shiloh dental we only fill teeth with the latest technology in plastic tooth colored filling material.  Your teeth will look like they were never filled!  We do not use metal amalgam filling materials. 

Composite filling material is safe and differs from metal in that it bonds to the tooth surface and strengthens the tooth while sealing the margins to protect against further decay.

The dentist will only recommend an extraction if it is absolutely necessary.  Your teeth are important and we don't want you to lose them!

At Shiloh dental we perform extractions on primary teeth, permanent teeth and some wisdom teeth.  If a particular tooth needs the services of an oral surgeon, we will direct you to someone reliable.  

We have nitrous oxide sedation if you need something to reduce anxiety.

Dental crowns are caps placed on top of damaged teeth. Crowns are used to protect, cover and restore the shape of your teeth when fillings don’t solve the problem.

Crowns are an excellent way to protect teeth from breakage around old fillings or to cover a tooth that has a root canal.  They last a very long time if they are kept clean around the gumline.  Crowns can also whiten a darkened or yellowed tooth, or help mask a tooth which is out of position.

Dental implants can be used to replace a missing tooth.  Over the last 30 years the methods and materials have steadily improved.  Implants are a very successful procedure.  You can expect your implant to last a lifetime if taken care of with proper hygiene.


If you have missing teeth, including front teeth, a dental bridge can help restore the look and function of your teeth. It bridges the gap where the missing tooth is.

A tooth which is painful or abcessed, can be repaired with a root canal procedure.  This procedure is a reliable method of preserving a tooth for many years of additional use.  A crown will be placed over the treated roots and the pain will disappear.

Here we provide Aligner services to straighten teeth as well as limited traditional braces.  The dentist will evaluate your bite and recommend what is best for you.  If you need extensive bite changes, we may need to refer you to a specialist.  When we see problems developing in your smaller children, we may use an appliance for several months to help form the bite correctly.

Dentures can help you chew when many of your teeth are missing.  We make many kinds of partial and complete dentures.  Dentures that snap over implants are also available at our office.

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