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Boomer Buaman, MA, LPCC with Willow Branch Counseling is available for appointments at Shiloh Medical Services.  

The mission of Willow Branch is to provide clients with the genuine and personalized treatment, care, and skills they need to promote healing, restoration, and growth in their lives. We honor the role of faith and spirituality in a client’s life, and believe in incorporating faith-based values, scripture, and the power of prayer at the client’s request.  We respect and welcome clients from all backgrounds and cultures. We have the experience and understanding to address the community’s Anabaptist and Amish cultures and beliefs.


Willow Branch understands that seeking out professional counseling is an important step towards change, and demonstrates honesty, vulnerability, and strength of character for our clients. We seek to walk alongside each client, reminding them that they are not alone in their journey. We provide this through a safe, nurturing, and compassionate therapeutic relationship in a calm, secure, and private environment.

Please contact Willow Branch Counseling at (419) 869-4069 to schedule an appointment.

Willow Branch Counseling

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